I firmly believe continued growth and dialogue on these issues help raise the quality of education for our kids, balanced with the importance of community input.  These are not the only challenges facing our community, however.  Please send me your feedback on these topics and others you believe should be addressed.

Accountability & Transparency

Our district has created numerous plans over the past few years to help guide its goals.  While this a laudable endeavor, it is imperative we have quality metrics to evaluate and assess our progress in achieving the purpose behind each plan.  The Next X Strategic Vision lists 24 goals within seven focus areas.  What are specific targets for each?  What metrics have been proposed to ensure high achievement in attaining these goals?  What timelines are associated with each?  A dashboard to measure our district’s successes has been posited in prior years.  It is past time to implement a true “Quality Profile.” 
While strides have been made in recent years with respect to Board transparency, there is still room for additional improvements. The community should expect timely agendas and supporting documentation in order to understand the planned discussion items.

FB Post (5/18/2021) on Transparency – Link

From 2014 Quality Profile

Growth & Facilities

Facility Condition Index

While the Hilliard School District does not control the development decisions of the eight jurisdictions that are a part of our boundaries, it is imperative we are having discussions with those entities to help shape that growth.  Specifically, growth and planning policies of Columbus need to be examined in order to ensure our district’s student growth analysis via Cooperative Strategies can accurately be utilized in strategic planning.
As we look forward with aging buildings and growth, the community input via the most recent Master Facilities Plan Survey provided invaluable feedback on expectations. It will be important to continue dialogue with the community, especially in the framework of lessons learned from the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Collaboration & Community

Board members serve as a connection between the community and the district administration, specifically the superintendent and treasurer.  It is important for Board members to foster a collaborative atmosphere with the various stakeholders within our community: students, families, teachers, PTO/Booster groups, business partners, just to name a few.  These are often overlapping and intersecting roles.  We need to ensure as policy is developed and adopted, we are taking into account the impact on our community and ensure timely information as changes may occur.